• Computer Problems?
  • Hard Drive Crash?
  • Viruses?
  • Browser Hijack?
  • Blue Screen of Death?
  • Slow Performance?
  • Computer locking up?
  • Pop-up Advertisements?
  • Out of memory?
  • Firewall Security?


We can help … We Make House Calls!

We’ll send a certified computer medic to your home to accurately diagnose and fix the problem.

Here is what you won’t have to worry about crawling under the desk to unplug and disconnect all those wires, then lugging your computer out to the car and racing across town to a repair shop before it closes.

It gets worse … now you’ve got to find a parking spot, struggle to carry your PC through one of those doors that never seems to open right… then listen to some disinterested salesperson talk “techie” to you.

A week later (if you’re lucky) it’s back to the repair shop. Drive around until you can find another parking spot… and hope your computer is finally fixed. And who knows what it will cost!

Haul it back out to the car, drive home, carry it up the steps, and try to reconnect all those wires and cables correctly. Then the moment of truth … after all that hassle and expense, will it work?
What will you do if it doesn’t?

We’re different … we’ll come to your home and fix it right!
Simply contact us online or call us to pick a convenient time to fit your schedule. We offer same day and after hours service.